The Steve Toms Foundation was founded in loving memory of my best friend, Steven Michael Toms. It’s purpose is to preserve Steve’s name and dreams for all eternity.

Over the years Steve and I have begun to execute many of his dreams, some of which were difficult, impossible, or just plain bonkers. However, each of these missions always had a similar theme: benefiting someone else, someone who needed a leg up, or a second chance, or just a little more to get there.

With your help, The Steve Toms Foundation will carry on these dreams. Young Olympians, collegiate athletes, and ordinary Joe’s will benefit from Steve’s dream of pushing the world through to a state of vitality. I will continue to live and breathe his “Go big or don’t go” attitude, while building the sponsorships and fitness programs he believed in, until the day comes that I myself am called forth from this world.

Steve you are, and will forever be, my friend.

-Stien Davis