481916_10201073083374233_1033839418_nThe Steve Toms Foundation is committed to teaching youth to live a life of vitality by providing them with the knowledge and experiences that will allow them to tenaciously pursue their fitness goals as well as personal growth, enhancing their overall quality of life.



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  • Providing educational opportunities to increase knowledge of health and wellness practices, as well as the practical application of these concepts; truly living the life!
  • Providing youth with a variety of opportunities to be active that inspires and builds value for living their “best life”, i.e. a life of VITALITY!

What’s on the horizon?

  • Hosting Kid Fit camp where youth are educated on how to live a healthy lifestyle and are given opportunities to be active.
  • Assisting underprivileged youth with athletic expenses that allow them to participate in youth sports.
  • Providing youth with character education that fosters being a healthy and active member of society.